Parent Participation:
Success in Suzuki study depends upon active and enthusiastic participation of the parent, and better yet, the entire family! The parent attends every lesson with the child and functions at home as a surrogate teacher, supervising the child's daily practice. The child's accomplishment rest upon a cooperative triangle formed by the teacher, the child, and the parent.

Tuition Payment:
When a student registers, tuition pays for their spot in class, not their attendance. Tuition for each semester must be paid in full (or 5 equal payments by postdated checks - on due date, followed by 4 consecutive months on the same date. All 5 checks are due on the tuition due date). The student's name will appear on the Lesson Schedule page when tuition is paid. If tuition is not paid by the next deadline for the next semester, the student's name is removed from the Lesson Schedule and the spot will be available for a new or waiting student. A $5 late fee will be charged per late week. A $25 insufficient funds fee will be charged for returned checks. Since your lesson time will be reserved for the semester I offer no refunds.

Missed Lessons:
Teachers are required to make up lessons that they miss. Teachers are NOT required to make up lessons that are missed by students. However, if a student is absent from the lesson for a valid reason, the teacher will make every effort to make up for the missed lesson, but can not guarantee that such a lesson will be made up.  

Be on time & be prepared. Ensure that hands are clean and fingernails are trimmed prior to lesson. Please be considerate of other students upon entering the room. Plan to come to lesson no earlier than 5 min before your lesson time and enter very quietly. Small students are easily distracted. Absolutely no talking while waiting or observing other students' lessons. They must remain in the waiting area and refrain from touching or playing with the items in the room. Please do not bring students to lessons who are ill or contagious. 

Purchase of Books and Materials:
The teacher will purchase appropriate sheet music and materials for each student. The cost of the books will be noted in your child's practice chart and to be paid by the following lesson. Depending on the student's level, progress, and interests, you can expect books to cost between $5 and $20 a year. Highly motivated and advanced students may need a bigger budget.  

Summer Lessons:
Students are encouraged to take lessons during the summer to keep good practicing habit. While we are flexible during the summer with private lessons because of vacations and other summertime activities, we do ask that you schedule your lessons for the summer when you register. $100 non-refundable deposit is required for a guaranteed slot in the fall if you are not taking any summer lessons. The deposit will be credited toward fall tuition.